The NEW ORLEANS SYNCOPATORS have been appearing in public playing traditional jazz since 1979 - in clubs and at jazz-festivals and for private occasions.

They have listened attentively to the "roots" of jazz music, and thus they play in the tradition of the forefathers : collectively, still giving each individual player enough room for improvisation to create their very own profile of sound.
Their music can be classified as "hot jazz"- joyous, fast, loud, full of temperament, bluesy and `black´ - paying tribute to the black masters of jazz of the 1920s and 30s from New Orleans and Chicago such as Louis Armstrong's Hot Five and Hot Seven, Johnny Dodds, Jelly Roll Morton, Clarence Williams, Joe King Oliver and many others.

  They played at jazz festivals such as. Dresden, Brunswick, Hannover, and of course, Goettingen and other places (Duesseldorf / Frankfurt / Cologne), and they could be heard in Marciac and Pau (France), Bydgosz and Torun (Poland), Cheltenham (GB).

So - look forward to an entertaining performance of music that will make your feet tap the rhythm along with the band - or even make you dance the good old Charleston, Shimmy or Jitterbug.

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